Claudio Mazzanti was born in Bologna on 5th May 1969. Since he was a child he had been well predisposed to Art; and he never used to play with his friends, but he remained in his bedroom, where he used to a lot of time. When he was seven he attended the teacher Becchini’s children drawing — school, where he could make exercise with pictures from nature or fantastic ones. In 1983 he entered for “Istituto Statale d’ Arte” in Bologna, where he chose the “Decorazione Pittorica “ section. In those years he received a lot of mentions and plaudits from his teachers. With whom he struck up a deep friendship. He learnt History of Art, the drawing and the picture techniques. In 1988 he graduated. Then, until 1993, he attended various graphic and illustration courses. In 1994 he taught Art and Woody Restoration for a private association, so he could put into practice his father’s (he was a Woody Art teacher) teachings. In the same year he exhibited 30 paintings at Artespaziodieci Gallery, in Bologna. In 1997 he worked in Globe Theatre firm as restorer, painter, art director and set designer. In 1999 he established “La pialla” firm, which operated on a market of the restoration of furniture and of production of wooden artefacts. This firm madegolden and lacquered frames, and also sculptures and decorations that refered to ancient stylistic elements on furnishings, canvas and walls.